Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Colour crochet trends

We have noticed that lots of people are experimenting with interesting colour crochet techniques at the moment and have spotted a couple we want to try. 

Mosaic crochet
Mosaic crochet is a colour technique that produces an effect similar to Fair Isle knitting. Although it creates a two colour pattern, you only use on colour at a time. So if your pattern is in red and white, you would work all the red stitches in the pattern in one row, chaining over the gaps for the white stitches. Then on the row with the white yarn you would “fill in the gaps” in the pattern using an elongated stitch (click here for tutorial). 

You can use the mosaic technique to create a range of stitch patterns. A great way to try them out would be the Havana CAL by TinnaThorudottir Thorvaldar (pictured). This afghan not only contains seven mosaic patterns but it is currently free on Ravelry.

Colour pool crochet
A few yarn companies have produced yarns dyed in such a way that if they are crocheted to a particular tension and stitch count the yarn automatically produces a pattern that looks like a plaid or argyle. In colour pool or planned pooling crochet, the number of stitches in a row are worked out to ensure the stripes of colour develop diagonally across your work.

Colur pool projects from Stylecraft and Universal Yarns
It can take a bit of working out to ensure your pattern comes out correctly but there are a number of videos to help you from yarn companies or from retailers and bloggers to give you tips

We have been trying out colour pooling for ourselves and have found the new Zing crochet hook set very useful because it can help to swap hook size from time to time to help adjust your tension by small amounts to keep the diagonal colour stripes correct.

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