Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Have you a Christmas knitting plan yet?

I saw a sign in a shop window at the weekend listing how many Sundays were left to until Christmas. It didn’t make me rush inside to do some shopping but rather prompted some thoughts on planning for gift knitting.
We all know that gift knitting can get out of hand at this time of the year. So it is important to take a breath and ask yourself deep, searching questions – and you need to be perfectly honest here. How many hand knit items you want to give, what you are going to make and will it involve secret knitting?
Most of the horror stories about gift knitting or crochet are about running out of time. No one wants to be desperately sewing up hats or grafting the toe of a sock in the early hours of the morning following the work party or hiding in the bathroom with the yarn because the secret project is only half done.

Small knitted and crochet gifts may be as appreicated as a complicated sweater
Write your knitted or crocheted gift list now and try to work out how much time you will need to finish everything on the list – a timescale of more than a few weeks and you might want to plan for December 2019 instead.
Think about whether you are knitting for other knitters or for non-knitters. A non-knitter may not be aware how much time a jumper takes and will be equally touched by the thought and work that goes into a hat, socks or mittens that are perfect for them.
Equally a fellow yarn crafter may appreciate an intricate stitch or a stunning yarn choice on a small item.
And most importantly there is more chance of all of them actually receiving their presents if you choose smaller items to make rather than sweaters for everyone.
Even if you have already started making your gifts, it is worth answering these questions to see if your plans are on track.
Whether you are making one scarf or planning yarn gifts for 20 people we wish you all the best with your Christmas crafting plans.