Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Introducing the nostepinne – a great way to wind yarn

When the new products in the KnitPro collection arrived with the UK team, we learned a new skill and agreed our crafting life had changed forever. 

We absolutely love our nostepinnes, which are traditional Scandinavian tools for creating centre pull balls of yarn. Ours come in plain and coloured wood with a turned handle.

 To make your ball, you handwind the yarn round the nostepinne in a specific way. Click here for a video demonstrating how to use it. It only takes a few minutes to learn and once you have practised a little you will discover this is a satisfying and relaxing way to wind up yarn.

As you can see, you can use a nostepinne to wind any yarn but I think most people would turn to their ball winder (if they have one) for 800m of laceweight for example. A nostepinne is particularly handy for winding small ball to be used in colour work or granny squares for example. It is also very useful for tidying up half used balls of yarn into neater cakes. Certainly we have been using ours regularly since we had the opportunity to test them out. 

Let us know if you have tried a nostepinne and tell us how get on if you buy a KnitPro one.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Knitters’ jewellery isn’t just decorative

The KnitPro new collection features some lovely wearable items but this year there is a bit of a twist. Some of our jewellery also has a practical side.

The Knitter’s Necklace
Ever taken off a jumper and stabbed yourself because your cable needle is still threaded through it or gone to the shop with one stuck in your hair? Or cleared stray stitch markers from down the side of the sofa or the washing machine?
The knitter’s necklace is here to help. The pendant, which hangs from an adjustable leather cord,  is made from our signature multi-coloured wood and is embedded with magnets. It comes with three different shaped cable needles and 20 stitchmarkers which will all attach to the pendant thanks to the magnets.

You can have fun arranging the accessories you need into a pattern on your pendant as well as being able to find everything you need for your project. The necklace kit contains the three cable needles and 20 stitchmarkers in a fabric pouch to keep everything together. Additional cable needles and stitchmarkers can be purchased separately so you can create your perfect combination.

Row counter ring

One way to keep track of your rows could be to wear our clever row counter ring that doubles as a pretty cool piece of jewellery. To mark a row, you just press the sides of your ring and turn. The rings are available in four sizes and made from high quality stainless steel coated with a black finish using special technology.

Knitting charms
These attractive charms could decorate your knitting bag or become your new key ring and they have certainly caught a lot of attention where we’ve shown them so far. Of course they are more than just a knitting or crochet themed decoration. Each charm features a mini repair hook and needle to help rescue dropped stitches and other sudden knitting emergencies. We reckon there might be a few of these in our yarnie friends’ Christmas stockings this year.

Shawl pins
Alongside these clever accessories, we have eight new shawl pin designs. They are all inspired by nature created in our beautiful wood range. A stunning addition to a shawl, wrap or cardigan.