Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Time to bust that stash

The yarn cupboard door is groaning again so it is time to tackle the stash.

Step one is a good old stash toss. This is when you take it all out in one go – be proud of that yarn – spread it out and reorganise it.

Even if you have lists, sometimes looking at your stash can really make a difference. You will find a number of things happen:

  • You will find the perfect yarn for a project (or several) you have been planning to make. If this is the case, put that yarn in a project bag with the pattern ready to start.
  •  Two lots of almost identical yarn, possibly acquired for the same project.
  • You will uncover a skein or two of truly beautiful yarn that you put in a safe place until the perfect pattern came along and then forgot about. Take a little time to find that perfect pattern right now.
  •  You will fall in love with some yarn all over again. Place it in an accessible place in your stash, so you keep it in mind
  • There will be some yarn that you are mystified as to why you ever acquired it. Don’t just put this back in the cupboard, put it aside to sell, swap or donate – someone else will appreciate it more than you.
  • There will also be a project that only needs the neckband doing – finish it to free up the needles and project bag.
  • There will be plenty of orphan balls, small amounts of yarn and leftover oddments. Sort these by yarn weight, fibre type, etc so you can see what you have got and put aside for our next blog.

As you put your yarn away again why not start an “in” list that you add to every time you acquire yarn and an “out” list to record what you use. This doesn’t stop you buying more yarn but just helps you see what’s available when you spot a new project.

Do give us your stash organising tips.


  1. My suggestion: While it's all spread out, take a quick photo of each pile of yarn, and enter it into the Stash section on Ravelry! I resisted using this feature for years, but it didn't take long to set up and now I find it incredibly useful. When I use a yarn from my Stash, it's easy to adjust the remaining amount so it's up to date.

  2. I just try to keep all yarn so that I can see it. Shallow shelves, glass doors. I have a very large glass vase in the living room with lovely colours of yarn. CD shelves are great because they take so little floor space.