Tuesday, 5 December 2017

All I want For Christmas

This month is THE time for Christmas shopping. If you are planning to buy something
for one of your knitting or crochet friends, or your family wants to know what to get you, we
have some wonderful accessories in the Knit-Pro range.

Our hand blocked fabrics are extremely popular. As well as a lovely selection of project bags and needle or hook clutches and rolls, we also now offer two other products you might like.

You can never have too many stitch markers but, instead-of scrabbling around in the bottom of your project bag to find them, our new Stitch Marker Pouch will keep them safe for you.

Do you use a lot of knitting charts?  Then why not take a look at our chart keepers which come in a range of our lovely fabrics.

If you are looking for a beautiful and useful, investment accessory, our Swift and Ball
Winder could be just the thing. Both are hand-made in plain or our signature wood to a very high quality.  The KnitPro Swift will expand to accommodate any size of hank and the Ball Winder winds the most stable balls you will ever have seen.

If you are on the hunt for stocking fillers, Knit Pro has lots to offer.  How about a handy Yarn Cutter, some Stitch Holders, a Clicky row counter or these handy DPN tubes.  Useful, practical and just what knitters and crocheters need.

We hope we have tempted you with our eatures products, but if you want to see more from KnitPro, visit our website.

If you would like to stand a chance of winning a pack of Stitch Markers and a Stitch Marker Pouch, visit our Facebook page.

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