Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Design von Hinterm Stein

We always look forward to the chance to interview our favourite designers and this month we are delighted to introduce you to Jutta von Hinterm Stein.  If you haven’t come across this amazing designer, you are in for a treat.  Her patterns are stylish, contemporary and thoughtful as well as beautifully written.

Cross Pockets

KP: Tell us a bit about you.
JvHS: I live in Austria, in a very old house from 14th century, surrounded by a big natural garden and the charming landscape of the pre-alpine uplands. My head needs fresh air and my hands need to be in the earth, digging holes for new plants or harvesting what miraculously grew. Fortunately, I have a husband who is my IT specialist, otherwise I would be lost…

Quadri Shawl

KP: When did you start knitting and crocheting?
JvHS: During a winter holiday in the alps, my beloved toy rabbit needed a warm coat and my grandmother helped me to crochet a little red coat with golden buttons (the coat got lost but Rotten Rabbit still lives with me…). Soon I moved on to knitting – it was so much quicker! I have spent my whole school- and university-time knitting (a lot!).

Holey Comfort

KP: How did you become a designer and is it your main job?
JvHS: By chance! And what a chance! After a break of 25 years, I somehow felt the need for something warm and cozy in my hands, so I checked out my old wool boxes and started to knit, and a few months later, in search of inspiration, I discovered Ravelry. I posted a few projects and got an incredibly positive response - some knitters even asked if I would write a pattern. Wow! What a feedback! That’s how I started my little designing career that miraculously became more and more successful. I owe a lot to all the nice chaps on Ravelry, who have supported me and my work . Recently the “knitting business” is progressively taking over more time and growing to a full-time job.


KP: What is your favourite of your own patterns?
JvHS: Must I choose? 
Triangle. for its versatility. You can wear it for an interview as well as on weekends.
I like the simplicity of Louvre and the coolness of Holey Comfort. And I wore Cross Pockets until it fell apart.
And of course, QUADRI! Which has such an ingenious technique.

Janukke's Tiling Fish
KP: Which designers do you admire? 
JvHS: As a girl, I passed by a Jil Sander shop and swore to myself that one day, I would wear one of these elegant suits – there’s still time. 
And there certainly is Coco Chanel on top of the list.
On Ravelry, there are Purl Soho’s cool and sleek designs, Janukke’s Escher (!) and Himawari’s clear lines … and many, many other talented people! 


KP: What is your favourite yarn?
JvHS: If you ask me about yarns, there will always be Alpaca in my mind. It is soft and durable at the same time and I love the fact that it does not attract smells. You can cook a whole meal in your alpaca sweater and the next day you won’t smell any onions. My recent design “Flying Feathers” is knit in Alpaca, and it is super-light but warm at the same time.

KP: Do you have any new patterns coming out?
JvHS: For the near future, I have planned BasiX, a very wearable sweater for every day and a festive Trumpet Solo - I have lots of new ideas.

KP: Which is your favourite KnitPro product?
JvHS: I have the beautifully coloured Symfonie interchangeables which I really like when knitting a sleek silky yarn!

Thank you Jutta!

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