Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Sneak Peak at our New collection - Part 2

We are delighted to offer you our second sneak preview of our 2017 collection which will very soon be arriving in a yarn store near you or at your favourite online retailer.  This month we are very excited to show you some of our new winding and yarn accessories

We know many of you buy your yarn in hanks, not just from indie dyers, but many of the big brands have them in their collection these days.  Carefully unwinding your hank is essential to preparing your yarn for knitting or crochet, so we have developed a range of handmade wooden products in natural, decorated and our signature wood that we use in the Symfonie ranges.

Our beautifully made swift expands to accommodate any hank, no matter how large or small.  The mechanism rotates smoothly make unwinding easy and it packs away very neatly.

The new KnitPro ball winder is a wonderful piece of engineering, which will fix to any surface and makes a wonderfully even ball to work from thanks to the special belt mechanism.

Now that you have unwound your yarn we have the tools to make sure your ball doesn't bounce around the floor picking up dust.  Our new range of yarn boxes are very elegant and will tone in with your decor, while our yarn dispenser rotates as you use your yarn and holds your ball perfectly.

We hope you enjoy our new collection.  Don't forget to keep an eye on our Facebook page to see our new tools in action.