Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Best of Intentions

We recently put a thread up on the KnitPro Ravelry group asking for all your New Year’s resolutions and we have had lots of posts.  Resolutions are often more stick than carrot but the ideas you all put forward are very inspirational.  Let’s face it anything that involves more knitting or crochet, whether it is learning a new technique, finishing off a queue of WIPs or knitting for others, is something that gets our vote!

Here’s what you told us – we hope it gives you some inspiration:

Mine is that I’m only allowed a new start when I completely finish something - have 8 knitting WIPs (and rather a lot of cross stitch ones). Bought loads more wool which turned up yesterday, but I’ve put it out of sight so I’m not tempted. 

To learn to crochet, so many beautiful patterns are available, I look at them with crochet envy!

Knit more worry less.

I WILL finish a PAIR of socks this year instead of just the usual one sock! I’m thinking crochet would be faster so I’ve less time to get bored or I might knit both socks at once the way I do with sleeves because I get bored knitting those too.
I have to create something awesome each month!! I normally go through projects without any particular idea in mind. But for this year I really want to make a great year by creating a great something each month!!
I have several different throws part knitted. My New Year’s resolution is to finish them.

I hope to knit from my Ravelry library more and finally get to some of the patterns I have always wanted to knit but put off for a future date. 

ENJOY ALL of my sock knitting. No more getting frustrated with my own stupid mistakes, tinking and frogging are just an inevitable part of my knitting - treat it as such.

I don’t make resolutions that way I don’t feel guilty if I break them, I am trying to knit more though as I have way more projects lined up to last beyond my lifetime.

This year I want to knit a pair of socks. I’ve done a lot of looking at socks, watching sock tutorials, and reading sock patterns…. but I have yet to cast on.

Teach my 5-year-old granddaughter to knit or crochet - she is left handed and I’m not sure how to go about it
I have quite a few knitting requests of hats and socks, this year I would like to be able to work my way through that list and have a gift box ready for anyone I know who is in need of a hat or pair of socks. 

I am a chronic non-finisher of things. 
I made a promise to myself when I started knitting last year, that I would finish my current project before starting a new one.
If you have any resolutions please do post them on our Ravelry group.  If you do this before the end of January you might win a prize.

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