Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Spring Cleaning

With the launch of the new season's yarns and patterns now is a great time to organise your knitting and crochet projects and tools - a bit of crafty spring cleaning.

If you are anything like us, you will have more than one project on your needles or hooks. Why not rediscover all your projects from your workbasket, by the bed, under the sofa, wherever they are languishing and take a good look at them. Some you may have just started and others may be nearly finished. Completing a project gives us such a sense of satisfaction so why not free up some of your needles and hooks by finishing them off so you can begin something new. Sewing up couldn't be easier with our handy needles and if yours is a lace project, blocking has been made simple with our mats and pins.

May be you have fallen out of love with the project. Be brave and unravel it. Before you use the yarn again, wind it into hanks and either steam or gently wash it to get the kinks out. Once it is dry you can wind it into balls ready to use again.

With all the needles and hooks you have liberated its time to get them in order. We always start by using our gauge sizer before putting them safely in a needle or hook clutch so we can easily find them when we next cast on. KnitPro has clutches and bags of all sizes and even a folder for cables for your interchangeable sets.

To help keep your chart from straying from your project, why not invest in one of our charts keepers. They have magnetic strips that help to keep your place when you pick up your project again.

As you can see we have lots of ideas to help you organise your knitting and crochet which make tidying up less of a chore.
We'd love to hear about your tips for organising your tools so do leave us a comment.