Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Going on a Yarn Diet?

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions for crafters is to go on a yarn diet. Our own stash has got to quite gargantuan proportions and we are running out of room. The trouble is that each season yarn companies launch such beautiful new offerings that it’s hard to resist the temptation. And often when you finish a project there is a little bit of yarn left over that would be a shame to throw away. If you are like us you probably think ‘There must be something I can do with that’. Before you know it a couple of bags becomes a basket, a trunk or even a cupboard.

But fear not. To help you make room for the new season’s yarns here are a few tips to help you destash.

Lay all your yarn out on the floor if you can and take a long hard look. Is there anything you don’t like any more, or like but know you will never use? Which balls or hanks do you really treasure? Which are you unsure about? So now you have 3 piles.

Be ruthless
There are so many charities that can make good use of yarn, or maybe you know of an old peoples home or lunch club that will find a good use any spare yarn. Be brave and give up the yarn that you don’t like or that you will never use to your chosen good cause. 

Be a good friend
Now look at the group of yarn you aren’t sure about. What would your knit/crochet friends think of it? Could they use it? Why not get all your yarnie friends together and organise a yarn swap. You’ll be amazed how much it will rejuvenate your stash.
Ravelry really is a great place to trade yarn you don’t want any more. All you need to do is photograph it and put it in your online stash. Maybe there is a particular yarn you would like to get your hands on. On Ravelry you can search for people who are ready to swap yarn.  You can approach them and invite them to choose something from your stash as an exchange. Then all you have to do is pay the postage.

Knitting for charity
There are always a number of charities looking for people to knit for them; for children abroad, an animal charity at home. Everything from blankets to toys, hats to tea cosies. This is a great way to use up our odds and ends of yarn. You can find a good list of worthy causes on the UKHKA site.

Small is beautiful
If you have odd balls and aren’t sure what to do with them why not find a small project that would use them up. You can knit/crochet a hat or a pair of mitts from a couple of balls, four or five for a scarf. If you don’t have complete balls, stripes are a great way to use yarn up. Small projects are also finished sooner so your you will get a great sense of achievement .The number of patterns on Ravelry for modular knitted blankets is amazing as well as lots of inspiration for crocheted blankets.

Super-size Me

The catwalks have been full of super-sized cowls, hats and scarves. You may not have a super chunky yarn in your stash but if you put together enough balls of yarn you can create exactly the same effect with a really unique style.

So, if reducing your stash is on your list of 2015 we hope we have given you some ideas to make it fun and a huge success.