Friday, 28 November 2014

Santa's Little Helpers

Christmas is just around the corner, a wonderful time to be with friends and family.  Knitting or crocheting gifts for them is a lovely way to show you care.  But all too often, making presents can just add to stress at this busy time of year.  Once or twice we have been up past midnight on Christmas Eve trying to get a pair of socks finished and it is not to be recommended.
So we have come up with some hints and tips for you to make the most of your time and make your gift knitting an enjoyable experience.

Make a list and then check it twice, just like Santa Claus.  Do you have the time to knit for everyone you want to?   We always make sure we are knitting or crocheting something for someone that will appreciate a handmade gift.

 If you knit or crochet we bet you aren’t often given knitted or crocheted presents.  We crafters are exactly the people who would appreciate such a gift more than anyone.  So which one of your yarnie friends are you going to make something for?

Small projects are a must but they needn’t be boring.  You could try out a technique you have always wanted to try while making something lovely such as Fair Isle, knitting in the round or even knooking. We love all the gorgeous patterns for mug cosies, place mats, hats, tea cosies, toys and even gloves that you can find on Ravelry

What about making something to decorate your home? At this time of year we always reach for our book of 55 Christmas balls to knit by Arne and Carlos. Taking traditional Scandinavian motifs, these baubles are very easy to knit and will be a treasured gift that will grace a Christmas tree every year – a real heirloom project.

Pompoms are a great way to use up yarn oddments.  You can hang them on your tree, add them to your gift wrapping or even make a wreath for your front door like this one from True Brit Knits.

And what about your Christmas wishes?  Now is the time to sort out your hooks and needles.  If you are missing any sizes let Santa know, because with all this knitting and crochet you have been doing he will definitely have you down on his list.