Friday, 24 October 2014

Making Your House a Fibre-filled Home

Knitting or crocheting projects for your home is immensely satisfying.  Not only does it bring an atmosphere of comfort and cosiness but it can be a real expression of individuality.  A humble cushion could be that sought after opportunity to try out a new technique when a garment is too much of a commitment.  
Had you ever thought that the back of most garments, if squared off, would make interesting cushion covers?  We have practised and mastered Fair Isle and complicated cables in this way and somehow a 40 cm square is so much less daunting. You can always make the back of the cushion plain and it will knit or crochet up in no time

Alongside technique is colour.  Maybe you have always wanted to experiment with bright accents but not wanted to commit paint to your walls.  What about a throw or a chunky crocheted basket to see if it works in your home? Here’s an example of what we mean.
Charleston by True Brit Knits

So far we have covered projects for a living area or a bedroom but the kitchen offers a huge amount of potential, especially if you have a spot of stash busting in mind.  Dishcloths are a great way to use up yarn and so practical as well as cheerful.  You could have one for every day of the week in cheerful colours and with humorous motifs. 
Cosies are always worth considering and come in all shapes and sizes keeping eggs, mugs cafetieres and teapots warm.  We love the designs by Loani Prior for her sheer determination to elevate the tea cosy to an art form.  Her creations are bold, irreverent and just a little bit tongue in cheek as you might guess from her latest book Pretty Funny Tea Cosies.
Just take a walk through your home, room by room and see where you might bring knitted or crocheted inspiration in and most of all have fun.

We’d love to see your images of home projects and we also have a free pattern for you.  This Felted Slip Stitch Bowl by Juliet Bernard can be downloaded from Ravelry.  Simply use the code KnitPro11 and join the KAL on our Ravelry group
Felted Slip Stitch Bowl