Friday, 10 May 2013

Giveaway + Don't Take a Holiday from Crafting this Summer!

Make sure that your knitting or crocheting isn't the only thing going on holiday this summer! Whether or not you're planning to travel, there are plenty of great projects to keep your needles and hooks happy during the warmer months ahead.  

Shawls are a great project choice; they can be used on cooler summer nights and will also be handy when the temperatures cool down in the fall. Choose lightweight yarns with cooler fibres such as bamboo, cotton or silk for your next project; here are a few popular patterns from which you might enjoy!
From L-R: Hitchhiker by Martina Behm, Venus by Aoibhe Ni, and Happy Street by Veera Välimäki.

Small projects such as socks, hats and handwear are also great to work on during warmer months - you'll be glad you did when winter's chill arrives! They also are easy to take with you on-the-go, and using circular needles for magic loop means you don't have to worry about losing one of your double-pointed needles while you're out and about! Below are a few popular hat patterns from Ravelry to get you inspired! 
From L-R: Catkin Hat by Kate Davies, Bonnie Beret by Rachael Oglesby, and Bräcken Convertible Cloche by Kalurah.

Finally, small toys are fun to make and are also great gift ideas! Here are a few knit and crochet toy pattern ideas to make your summer extra-fun!
From L-R: Amigurumi Dragon by Stacey Trock, Knit Hedgehogs by Purl Soho, and Huggy Monkey by Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen. 

Enter our May Giveaway

This month, we'll be giving away two prizes to our lucky readers: a pair of Cubics Fixed Circular needles and a pair of Symfonie Fixed Circular needles. Simply leave a comment on this post telling us your summer crafting plans and which prize you'd like to win! Don't forget to also leave a way for us to contact you if you are the winner (Ravelry ID or email address works just fine). 

We'll randomly select two winners (one for each prize) on Friday, May 24th! Good luck!


  1. I'd love to win the Symfonie needles. My Ravelry ID is Ziltoidia.

    This summer I plan to knit a sweater for a friend of mine, two pair of mittens (one for my sister and one for my cousin), an Icelandic west for myself, two pair of socks (one for me and one for a friend of a friend), and a bolero for myself. It'll be a busy summer.

  2. I would love to win the Symfonie needles. I have just bought my first interchangeable circular needles, Nova and Cubics Rose, and I would love to try your other choices! I will be knitting afghans and shawls because I can't stop knitting with my new needles! :)
    My Ravelry-ID is MaschaHesseling.

  3. I have tried the Nova Interchangeable and I really enjoy them, but I would really love to try the Cubics Fixed Circular Needles. I hear great things about them! :D

    My plans for my summer projects are many, a pair of socks, a toy for my youngest son to cuddle with and a shawl for my mom.

    My Ravelry ID is CuteLittleCrafts

  4. I would love to try the Cubics needles; I almost always use KnitPro needles (Nova fixed and Symphony DPN's), but haven't had the chance to try the Cubics yet.

    For the summer, I'll be knitting a cabled sweater for my best friend, on Nova circulars (I never use straight needles any more, except for DPN's); I also have a baby baseball jacket on the needles, and will be making a Stephen West shawl for my best friend's husband, and a crocheted Hippo for my sister's 50th birthday. Enough to keep me occupied!!

    My Ravelry ID is SusieQ100

  5. I'd love to knit with the Cubics circular needles. I am planning to knit a sailor's sweater for my hubby.

    My ravelry ID is meeshellkng

  6. I would love to try some Cubics fixed circulars... and for this summer I'm planning to do a huge beekeeper's quilt (Union Jack inspired) using the pattern from Stephanie Dosen and a couple of knitwear garments for this fall and winter, as a Guernsey sweater for me, a riding coat with a vintage feel and a dress using the "Raviolo" pattern from Valentina Cosciani.

    My Ravelry ID is ekeloa

  7. I love both needles, I would win the Cubic needles circular.

    My projects to this summer are to my first grandson, principally.

    My Raverly ID: Abarata

  8. I do love the cubics - and promise a happy dance here in Germany if you pick me
    Thanks for the chance

    My Ravelry ID: beadtex

  9. I would love to try the Cubics needles.

    During the summer i plan on making my first pair of socks, and also a lacy sweater for me.

    My Ravelry ID is angela3275

  10. During the summer mnths I will be knitting some lovely lacey shawls. While it's warm outside by the beach eing able to knit lacey goodness is the est way, along with knitting socks that is. Have a great summer!!

    my Ravelry name is hungryforyarn

  11. I am testing some lace shawls and also crocheting a hoodie for my daughter this summer. I have ordered some Karbonz and am waiting for them to arrive

    My ravelry name is Jayashreemadan

  12. I'll be knitting silk shawls this summer. I'm knitting a silk Sweet Dreams right now in my interchangeable symphonie needles and enjoying every stitch.
    it's too hot in summer here to knit with wool
    rav: weirdjudd

  13. During the summer I will be making a few little baby cardigans and vests for my sister's bump - a girl after two boys!

    I don't mind which type I receive should I win.

    Rav: hannonle

  14. On my knit pro 3,5 interchangeable needles: an ajour cardigan for myself.
    On my knit pro 5 interchangeable needles: a bag to felt, present for a friend.
    On some other needles: an Isager Gregory Sjawl, present for a friend.
    On the to do list: lots of socks, a plaid with yarn that has been waiting for years, if the result of the felted bag is nice: lots of felting things,some cardigan or pullover for fall, ...

    For one of the projects on the to-dolist I would love to try the Cubics.

    Happy knitting!

  15. I'm going to knit a shawl from Boo Knits. I think is called Drift Away and would be great in blue silk yarn. I really do not know about Cubic needles and would like to try them so I can win my prejudice against them (are they comfortable? )

  16. I'm going to do a serious stash-down this summer: baby items with my 12 balls of Knitpicks Felici, a few pairs of socks, my first shawl(s), etc.

    I'd love to win the Symphonie needles. Rav ID: pokdej.

  17. I am knitting a nice cotton/silk blend tank top/tunic-type top, and I am always knitting baby items for my 2 grand-daughters! I would be thrilled to try the Cubics or Symfonie needles! What a thrill that would be...many thanks for the fantastic ideas for summer knitting and for the giveaway!!! rav id -jaydawnrn

  18. I have some new ideas for my shop that I will be working hard on since I don't have much up right now. Starting with dice bags and some Doctor Who stuff.

    I'd love to try the Cubics Fixed Circular needles since I own almost all the Symphonie ones. lol

  19. I've got quite some plans for summer knitting! First, I'm going to work on a huge, lacy shawl... and after I'm finished with that, I want to knit a fingering weight sweater for just that little bit of warmth I need on summer mornings in the mountains!

    I'd love to try the cubics - already tried the symphonie needles. I'm ColorBloX on ravelry :)

  20. All of my Summers are full of knitting plans. This one, will be an amigurumi' s Summer.
    If possible, I would like my prize to be the cubics fixed circular needles.
    I' m teresanasci on ravelry.
    My email is teresanasci@

  21. Altought it looks like summer in Lisbon, when it officially arrives, a month from here, i'd hope to have my Marin shawl done, it's a KAL from my group to celebrate the arrival of sun. Probably would go for cotton socks that can "enjoy" going to beach as much as me :) Or another light shawl to set the way to the Rocky Coast Cardigan with the sea as view! I've just got my first knit pro and it's kind of a "treasure" to me. Never knitted with the cubics and would for sure be thrilled to try. But a prize is a prize, i'd love anyhow if the chance is on me! :) Best Id on ravelry malhadeira .

  22. This summer I'll be knitting a blanket as a wedding present to my brother and his fiancee. Not looking forward to all that wam yarn in my lap on a hot day, but it'll be done with love! If I win, I'd really like to try to cubics needles. Thanks!

  23. I adore Symfonie needles they are works of art My plans are to finish my Mirasol cotton and silk waterfall front cardigan and then start my Wendy Supreme Cotton Chunky top. My email adress is

  24. I hava a plan for summer to do lots of easy knits, scarves and shawls etc. Things you can do while sitting on a beach... I would like to try the cubics! Ravelry linnunrata

  25. My summer plans include socks (my biggest love), some new baby gifts for my best friend & lots of small portable projects like book marks, toys & mug hugs in anticipation for Xmas!

    I love Knit Pro products & wouldn't be without my sock needles nor my circulars & would love to grow my collection with the cubics!

    Contact me on ravelry as nynaeve2k or email:

  26. I'll be home studying all Summer, so I plan to knit a lot during evenings and I have a few knitting projects: a blanket for my cousin's baby, a cowl with some leftover yarn and a pair of mittens (with a lovely blue and purple yarn).

    I heard good things about Symfonie needles and I'd love to try them! (Although I haven't try the Cubics needles either yet..).

    My Ravelry ID: Dawnreads
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. My summer knits will be this dress and some sweaters.

    I'd love to try knitting with cubic needles :)

    My Ravelry ID: Waidaw

  28. We will be doing some traveling this summer. So I will have plenty of knitting time, on airplanes, in the car, & during "down time" in hotels. Socks are my favorite,portable projects, so maybe I'll actually get the "2nd sock syndrome" conquered !!

    ravelry: cmessmore

  29. My summer project is a silk lace shawl with beads to go with a summer dress I am making for a wedding and then it is on to winter projects.
    I too would love to try the cubic needles, I have been wondering how they feel.
    My Ravelry ID is : Pethairstitcher

  30. I haven't yet decided which project will I make on my holidays, i guess it will be whichever i'm working on at time, I have a ever growing queue of projects to complete, so I guess i'll be quite busy. Rav id iribeiro

  31. Actually I'm working on a Simple Summer Tweed (Rowan Yarn) and it's such a pleasure to work with this cotton and silk yarn. I'll make a secon one because it's so comfortable that i know I'll wear it in the early morning walks and in the summer night breeze.
    Any of your product would fit fine for me since I'm planninga present to my mom, she'd love it! Thanks for your giveaway!

  32. For this summer I want to knit a simple tank top and an airy shawl...
    and I'd love to work with the Symfonie fixed. Thank you for the giveaway!
    Rav ID: LaMindi

  33. I want to knit a Poncho with my mothers help!

    I want Fixed Circular Needles :) plz

  34. I am knitting a dress in cotton for my daughter with my Symfonie interchangeable needles, but I've never tried Symfonie fixed, and I would love to! Rav ID: sandrinasara

    This is my summer project. I will use my dyed-with-plants-yarn.
    I think it will last the entire holiday, but that's OK with me!
    I´d like to win the Cubics, they are the best!
    Ravelry: EmmaE

  36. Just a couple of summer projects so far, Robin scarf in Rowan's Fine Art yarn and I bought the Hitchhiker pattern from Ravelry recently but I need to find the right yarn in my stash for that one. Oh! and Juliet Romeo Juliet - simplest sweater! I can't wait to start that project but must finish these almondine socks first!

    I'd really love to try out your Cubics circular needles as I've heard many good reviews :-)

    Ravelry ID is BigWoollyBum

  37. I am planning to knit lots of socks to keep me warm through the winter. I will use both my hand spun yarns and some commercial. I am teaching myself magic loop, toe-up at the moment and I love it!
    Ravelry ID Spider4222

  38. I am knitting a shawl in kidsilk haze with civics needles and then it's on to a silk Guernsey.

  39. I am still knitting sweaters, and most importantly, I will be attending Meg Swanson's knitting camp in Wisconsin!
    SareBearKnits on rav.

  40. I would like cubics for change, they look great. This summer i will finish some cotton socks, and will try knit some bikinies
    I'm janis2102 on Rav

  41. CatsMousehold (Ravelry ID)

    I'm involved in a Harry Potter crochet and knitting group on Ravelry and this spring term started the beginning of May. Once o fthe things I'm looking forward to knitting is my first Colour Affection using medelinetosh tosh lite in Torchiere, Jade and Magenta. Should be colourful!

    I'd like to try the symfonie I think :)

    Thank you for doing the giveaways!


  42. Hi i'm Phoenixslip on Ravelry. I would be knitting little dresses and and stuff for my daughter's, and would love the Knitpro symphonie, but wouldn't turn away the cubit ones either :)

  43. I love the symfonie needles. fayofthewoods on Ravelry.

    I plan on finishing all of the projects I started during the school year so that I can have some of my winter wardrobe done before it starts to get cold. If I finish that I would love to finish on of the dress patterns I have.

  44. I plan on making a whole bunch of baby items for a friend who is having a little girl towards the end of September, and of course I can't forget her 5yo son either, so there will definitely be some toys in the making as well. I would love to try out the Cubics as they're not available here yet.
    rgoriginals on Ravelry.

  45. Now that the weather is warming up, I will be making kightweight shawls from finer yarns. I have lots of WIPs waiting to be finished like the Sea Stole. Of course I will also be knitting some more socks, mostly ones I designed myself.

    Should I win, I would love the Cubix needles because I haven't had them yet and I am curious. You can find me on Ravelry as Silwen.

  46. this summer i'm planning on overcoming my fear of lace weight yarn and trying a shawl to wear to a wedding in october. i like wood needles anyway and the cubics wood is such a lush colour i'd love to win a set to try out. i'm bigwoolly on ravelry.

  47. I'm due a baby next month so have a few booties, hats, mittens and 2 cardigans almost done and hope to commit to the christening blanket in the next couple of days, I will see how much I can get done! Don't have a prize preference.


  48. I don't even think about stop knitting because of summer, so I'll knit some shawl (Haruni inspired) and Firebird Cardi with lace yarn. I should knit also Buttercup jacket for my sister newborn baby.
    I used Symfonie Wood and Nova Metal needles so I'll be glad to win Cubics. I am liadanek on Ravelry.

  49. My summer knitting will include some shawls, hats, dishcloths, and afghan squares. I would like to win the Cubics fixed circulars.