Friday, 7 December 2012

Gift Ideas to Give & Get

It's the season for giving gifts, and the KnitPro team has put together some great gift ideas for every knitter in your life (or maybe inspiration for your own wish list)!

The Colorful Knitter

These are some bright and colorful knitting accessories for those knitters that love vibrant hues and variegated yarns. 

1. KnitPro Shawl Pins come in many styles and are a great way to keep your beautiful hand knits in place.

2. Anyone would love to adorn their beautiful hand knit items with these fun KnitPro Wood Buttons. They come in beautiful colors as well as 7 different shapes.

3. Everyone needs cable needles, and these uniquely colored wood KnitPro Symfonie Cable Needles make knitting cables a delight!

4. KnitPro Fabric Bags are essential for keeping all your knitting needles organized in one place. Use this colorful case to store interchangeable or double pointed needle sets while they are not in use.

5. KnitPro Symfonie Needles are the ultimate needle for knitters that love color. They are strong, lightweight, have perfectly tapered tips and are suitable for any type of yarn and knitting project. Symfonie needles are available as double pointed, single pointed, fixed circular, and interchangeable circular knitting needles.

The Organized Knitter

These accessories are perfect for knitters who love to keep all their tools in order. 

1. KnitPro Needle Size ID Tags can be slipped on the cable when needle tips are removed, so that you can have multiple projects using the same size needle and never forget which tips to use for which projects!

2. If you like to keep all of your interchangeable needles neatly displayed by size than the KnitPro Interchangeable Needles Stand is essential! It is both beautiful and functional.

3. KnitPro Cubics  provide a unique ergonomic shape that makes knitting more comfortable and stitches more even. Although Cubics appeal to a wide range of knitter the geometric shape and sleek look is particularly appropriate for the organized knitter. Cubics are available as single pointed, double pointed, fixed circular, and interchangeable circular knitting needles.

4.The KnitPro Chart Keeper is a great tool for knitters that love to keep all their patterns and charts organized in one place. The Chart Keeper functions not only as a place to store your patterns, but also works as a stand to use while knitting!

The Travelling Knitter

These accessories were chosen for knitters who like to knit on the go.

1. KnitPro Needle View Sizer is a must for any knitting bag, because you never know when you will need to check that two needles are the same size.

2. The KnitPro Row Counter will help you to save time, because every time you pull your knitting out of your bag you won't need to count how many rows you've already knit-because you can just look on your row counter!

3. KnitPro Point Protectors are perfect for travelling knitters because they will ensure that all of your stitches stay on the needle, and that your knitting needles won't poke holes in your knitting bags.

4. KnitPro Nova needles are engineered from hollowed brass and quality plated nickel. These needles are smooth and lightweight-perfect for knitters on the go! Novas are available as single pointed, double pointed, fixed circular, and interchangeable circular knitting needles.

5.  The KnitPro Ring Binder is a great case for carrying circular knitting needles, small knitting accessories, and small knitting projects. For example you could keep your needles, stitch markers, and half knit socks all in this ring binder, so you won't have to worry about forgetting any of your essentials at home!


  1. I have just bought my first set of symfonie double pointed needles, which I am using to knit a pair of gloves. I Love them and will not go back to metal needles again. I always end up bending them!

  2. These gift ideas are so tempting!
    This year I moved to Norway, a country with a huge knitting tradition, and I'm following in love with knitting! I made small projects like crochet a pouf, two pairs of sleepers and a band head. I hope Santa brings me a Nova Deluxe Set to start more challenging projects! :)

  3. The fabric bags look awesome! I'm looking for something to organize my needles better, those bags look so cute and handy! I can't get enough of Knit Pro :D

  4. I love all the colourfull needles and crochets! I have a couple of Symphonie Interchangeable needles and they are really really lovely!

  5. Your needles are wonderful!!!I have the Symphonie Wood Interchangeable needles!!!I am a faithful fan!!!

  6. Knitting is what I've done most, and always will. But now I've started a few crochet projects and I think I could get hooked ;)

  7. I love my Novas interchangeables and really want to try other types and expand my collection.