Friday, 30 November 2012

Portable Projects: Socks

Thuja by Bobby Ziegler
We hear that socks are the perfect project for knitting on the go. They are small and portable, and if you're knitting simple socks you don't have to carry any charts.There are lots of great sock patterns online, as well as some great books all about socks.

Knitting socks does require slightly different tools and accessories, and there are many techniques for knitting socks! You can knit socks from the cuff to the toe, or from the toe to the cuff. You can knit socks on double points or on circulars. You can also knit both socks at once on double points or circular needles.

If you like knitting socks on double points try out the new KnitPro Karbonz. These new-age needles are made from high-tech carbon fiber with tips in nickel plated brass. The shiny, smooth brass tips comes in perfect points to make knitting with fine sock yarn easier. KnitPro Karbonz are available from 1.5mm to 3.5mm.

If you prefer knitting socks on circulars, you're in luck - KnitPro Karbonz are also available as circular needles! KnitPro Karbonz Circulars come in  40, 60, 80, and 100 cm lengths, so whether you like to knit them using the magic loop method or with two circulars, you'll be able to try out these amazing new needles. KnitPro Karbonz Circulars are available from 2mm to 3.5mm. 

KnitPro also has double pointed sets specifically for socks and other small accessories.
If you prefer wood needles with color and flair a set of KnitPro Dreamz are perfect. They are available in 15 and 20 cm lengths and come in the most popular sizes 2-4mm, great for any type of sock or small accessory. The KnitPro Dreamz double pointed needle set comes in a beautiful fabric pouch so you can enjoy the beauty of these needles even when they are not in use.

If metal double points are your preferred tool for knitting socks give KnitPro Nova needles a try! KnitPro Novas are 15 cm long a set includes sizes 2-4mm.  Made from lightweight metal KnitPro Nova needles are strong, lightweight and durable. The smooth surface of the KnitPro Nova needles ensures that stitches move smoothly off the needle to make knitting quicker. 

If you're working socks on double points you'll want to make sure and use KnitPro DPN Tubes to keep all of your stitches on the needle, and if you're using circular needles, you can use KnitPro Point Protectors. Nothing is worse than taking your project out of the bag and realizing that your stitches have fallen off the needles! 

Once you've finished your socks, don't forget to use KnitPro Socks Blockers to block them into sock perfection! 

Monday, 19 November 2012

Knitting On The Go

We love to see people knitting in public. There’s no better way to extend your patience while waiting than to pick up your needles and work on your knitting project. However, working on your project on the go can present some difficulties, especially if you are unprepared. So, we’ve put together a list of essentials for knitting on the go: 

KnitPro Chart Keeper -  These are great not just for lace charts, but for keeping your place in any knitting pattern. This way you can move your magnets to keep track of your row and never lose a page in your pattern again! 

KnitPro Point protectors - There’s nothing worse than pulling your project out of the bag and realizing that some of the stitches have slipped off the needle. Avoid the frustration of having to pick up all your stitches by putting these point protectors on the tips of your needles before you put them in your bag. 

Crochet Hooks - Crochet hooks are very handy tools for knitters. They are useful for picking up dropped stitches, so it’s always good to have one in your bag for emergencies.

Row Counters - Row counters are extremely helpful when you have long sections of stockinette or garter stitch. It’s easy to lose count, so make sure you don’t by clicking this cute little row counter at the end of each row or round. 

DPN Tubes - If you like to knit socks or gloves on double pointed needles than these DPN tubes are a must have! These will protect your knitting and the needles while they rest in your bag. The knitting just hangs out the side of the tube while your needles are encased in the tube. 

Stitch markers - We have them all: the ring stitch marker, split ring stitch marker, locking stitch marker and Zooni beaded stitch markers! Choose your favorite style to keep on hand - these are a knitting bag necessity!

Finally, be sure to keep your knitting safe (and your notions all in one place) with a project bag! You can even make your own if you like. Here are a few of our pattern suggestions to try:

Braided Cable Handle Tote        Knitted Pocket                    French Market Bag     Pinwheel Purse