Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A Christmas Stocking For You

With Christmas just around the corner we thought we would create a couple of festive designs for you to try out.  Both the knit and crochet version of our stockings were made using DK but any yarn from your stash will do, it will just change the size.
Why not pop some gold coins in them and hang them on your tree or around your home.
You could even use them as little stocking fillers for your loved ones or make a few and turn them in to bunting.

Our little crochet socks are worked in the round, except for the heel which is shaped in rows. Make in one colour or as many as you like – perhaps you could make the heel in a contrast colour.
Yarn: any DK
Hook: 3.75mm or 4mm
Abbreviations Ch - chain Dc – double crochet Ss – slip stitch St(s) - stitch(es)

Make a magic ring and work 6dc into it. Join in first dc with ss, 1 ch
Round 1: 2dc in each st to end. Join in first dc with ss, 1 ch. 12 sts
Round 2: 1dc in each st to end. Join in first dc with ss, 1 ch.
Round 3: (2dc in next st, 1dc) to end. Join in first dc with ss, 1 ch. 18 sts
Round 4-10: 1dc in each st to end. Join in first dc with ss, 1 ch.

Row 11 : 9dc turn
Row 12: 1ch, 6dc, turn
Row 13: 1ch, 3dc, turn.
Row 14: 1ch, 3dc, 1dc in next st from row 11, turn. Four sts
Row 15: 1ch, 5dc, 1dc in next st from row 12, turn. Five sts
Row 16: 1ch, 6dc, 1dc in next st, turn. Six sts
Row 17: 1ch, 7dc, 1dc in next st, turn. Seven sts
Row 18: 1ch, 8dc, 1dc in next st, turn. Eight sts
Round 19: 1ch, 9dc, 1dc in next st, cont working 1 dc in each dc to end of round.
Leg Rounds 20-31: 1dc in each st to end. 18 sts.
Make 12ch and join into hanging loop with ss. Fasten off Sew in all ends.

This lovely little stocking is knitted flat and then sewn up.   You start at the bottom and finish at the top. You might want to finish it off with some festive eyelash yarn at the cast off.

Yarn  any DK
Needles 3.75mm or 4mm
Abbreviations St(s) - stitch(es) St st - stocking stitch K – knit P - purl M1 – make a stitch by picking up the loop between 2 stitches. K2tog – knit 2 sts together Ssk – slip 1 st, k1 and pass st over the knitted one P2togtbl – purl 2 sts together through the back of both sts P2tog – purl 2 sts together

Cast On 33 sts Beginning with a knit row work 2 rows of st st.
Row 3: (k1, m1, k15, m1) repeat to last st, k1 (37sts)
Row 4 and all even rows purl.
Row 5: (k1, m1, k17, m1) repeat to last st, k1 (41sts)
Row 7: (k1, m1, k19, m1) repeat to last st, k1 (45sts)
Row 9: knit all sts Row 10: purl all sts
Row 11: K20, k2tog, k1, ssk, k20 (43sts)
Row 12: p19, p2togtbl, p1, p2tog, p19 (41sts)
Row 13: K18, k2tog, k1, ssk, k18 (39sts)
Row 14: p17, p2togtbl, p1, p2tog, p17 (37sts)
Row 15: K16, k2tog, k1, ssk, k16 (35sts)
Row 16: p15, p2togtbl, p1, p2tog, p15 (33sts)
Row 17: K14, k2tog, k1, ssk, k14 (31sts)
Row 18: p13, p2togtbl, p1, p2tog, p13 (29sts)
Row 19: K12, k2tog, k1, ssk, k12 (27sts)
Row 20: p11, p2togtbl, p1, p2tog, p11 (25sts)
Work 14 rows of st st
Next row: (k1, p1) repeat to last st, k1
Next row: (p1, k1) repeat to last st, p1
Next row: (k1, p1) repeat to last st, k1
Cast off in rib. Sew stocking together.

We’d love to see the stockings you make so don’t forget to post them on our Facebook page.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Meet The Designers

We are now in the fourth week of our Designer-Along in aid of the amazing charity, KnitFor Peace.  When we first discussed the idea, several months ago, we had a wish list of some of the world’s top knit and crochet designers.  We were humbled that our top 6 all agreed to take part without any hesitation and we thought we would give you a little more insight in to the designers we have been lucky enough to work with.

Debbie Bliss is a wonderful designer whose quintessential British style shines through both her designs and styling on all her shoots.  Debbie designs is prolific with designs for men, women, children, babies and the home using her extensive range of yarns which are loved by knitters and crocheters all over the world. When choosing a yarn for this project, we knew Rialto DK was the natural choice.  It is great to knit and crochet with and has a fantastic colour palette.

Erika Knight is another British designer who bring elegance and glamour to her work.  She has published a number of books that really should be in every knitter’s and crocheter’s bookcase.  She has worked with brands such as Rowan and John Lewis as well as producing her own range of yarns that are spun in the UK.

Arne and Carlos are our Scandinavian heroes whose inimitable style graced the world of fashion before they turned to knitting.  Their Christmas balls are legendary and we also love their book of toys.  Recently they have worked with Regia to bring us specially crafted sock yarns.  Arne and Carlos have a fantastic YouTube channel with lots of useful hints and tips.

Elena Fedotova is a crochet supremo based in the Ukraine. We were delighted when she focussed her creativity on Tunisian crochet for this project.  Elena submitted so many square designs we found it hard to choose so she generously gave us eight designs in her Sunny Days collection.  Her Ravelry group and blog are great favourites with lots of hints and tips.  You can join Elena’s Ravelry group here.

When you hear the name Jane Crowfoot you instantly think of her beautiful crochet alongs.  She launched her Lily Pond CAL last year with Stylecraft yarns and this year’s offering is called Frida’s Flowers – and colourful homage to the artist Frida Kahlo packed full of Mexican motifs.  Jane’s book, The Ultimate CrochetBible, is THE book we always turn to for help with every crochet project.

Debbie Abrahams will celebrate 10 years of her Mystery Blanket Club in 2017. For 10 months subscribers receive yarn, patterns and beads to create an heirloom blanket but the design is only revealed bit by bit, making the whole experience even more exciting. Debbie is very fond of beads and scours the world for the best beads for knitters and crocheters. There is still time to sign up to next year’s Mystery Blanket Club.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every designer who has generously given their time and creativity to our Designer-Along.